Yantai Enerserva Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yantai Enerserva Machinery Co., Ltd.

Enerserva Ltd, abbreviated from Energy Services, focuses on better services / partnership and cooperation with worldwide clients, vendors, employees and social organizations.

With years of experience, the founders of Enerserva have worked with larger and smaller international oil companies and drilling contractors and local business partners worldwide. No matter as large as a set of drill rig nor as small as a bolt/nut the clients request, that will always be our top priority.

With good relationships with our manufacturing facilities, customs agents, shipping agents, we could help to arrange to deliver the goods on time and worldwide.


To be recognized as one of top manufacturer and supplier of drilling & production products in oil gas industry.


To provide top quality products for worldwide oil & gas drilling and production operations, help clients to reduce cost and reach higher cost effectiveness, help manufacturing increase production volume, help employees develop careers.


To achieve our goal, we need to have values to adhere by like:

* Friendly customer care.

* Delivery professional services

* Good quality products

* Keep customers updated with product development

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